Polymer electronics for a flexible functional future - bridging the gap between lab and production (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Mr Andy Bateman, Business Development Director
Cenamps, United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Addressing the challenges of scale-up
  • The vision of a prototyping facility in the North East of England
  • Using the facility as a platform for sustainable industrial growth

Company Profile

The North East of England is a centre of entrepreneurial activity in emerging technologies, including nanotechnology, promising rewards for innovators and investors alike as it revolutionises almost every aspect of daily life. Rapid progress to date already shows that nanotechnology will improve many aspects of life and medical care, a major specialism in the North East, will be a major beneficiary.
The region is also home to thriving high-tech and knowledge-based industries set to benefit from advances in nano-scale applications: automotive, process industries, digital media, software manufacture, defence, life sciences and telecommunications are some of the main ones.
CENAMPS is the Centre of Excellence for Nanotechnology, Micro and Photonic Systems for the North East of England. Cenamps' strategic technology footprint has been formulated to strengthen and build on the region's capabilities in innovating emerging small-scale technologies. Our technology footprint reflects the new opportunities offered by three key converging technologies: micro/nano structured materials, biosciences & biotechnologies and information & communication technologies.
Cenamps VISION:
  • Is for the North East of England to become a vital source of competitive advantage for high-tech enterprises, through the successful commercialisation of emerging technologies.
Cenamps MISSION:
  • To generate new sustainable wealth for the North East
  • To encourage greater collaboration of science with business, promoting sustainable innovation and technological development
  • To transform the potential of micro- and nanotechnology rapidly into competitive products, processes and services.
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