PowerWeave: Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Fibres, Towards a Self-Powered Fabric (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2015)

Ms Virginie Canart,
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - Centexbel*

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Presentation Summary

In the frame of the European project PowerWeave, both photovoltaic fibres and energy storage fibres are developed. Innovative textile structures were created to allow interconnections between such fibres.
To achieve these objectives, a consortium of 7 industries and 6 research entities brings their knowledge together from photovoltaic chemistry to textile industry.
First results about the construction of the PV and energy storage fibres will be presented. At the moment, samples of energy storage fibres have been produced demonstrating a capacitance effect.

Speaker Biography (Virginie Canart)

Virginie Canart graduated from the School of Engineers HEI in the north of France. She got a degree of generalist engineer. She spent a year in Hochschule Niederrhein in Germany to take a specialization in Smart Textiles. From 2011, she has been working at Centexbel as a project leader and researcher on electronic integration in textile products. She has been involved in different European projects about textile sensors, photovoltaic in textile and electronic integration.

Company Profile (Centexbel)

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Centexbel is the Belgian Research Centre for Textiles and is located in Gent, in Grâce-Hollogne and in Kortrijk.
Through European, regional or private research projects, Centexbel can be your research partner to improve a material, a product or a process.
3 R&D teams are working on "Functional thermoplastic textiles", "Textile functionalization and surface modification" and "Health, safety and security"
Centexbel services also include testing, certification and consultancy around textile fibres, fabrics and products.
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