Precise Real-time Location with Active RFID: Success and ROI in Logistics and Manufacturing (Active RFID Summit USA 2006)

Mr David Theriault, Director, Strategic Relations
UbiSense Ltd, United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Technology challenges in deploying Active RFID location technology in Logistics and Manufacturing environments
  • Case study: Combining Active RFID and Barcode technology to deliver rapid ROI in logistics
  • Case Study: Deploying Active RFID to improve manufacturing processes

Speaker Biography

David Theriault has been active in the Location / Geographic Information industry for almost quarter of a century. He began his career pioneering CAD systems in Holland in the 80's, active in system support, business development, and project implementation. In 1987, relocating to Cambridge, David was part of the team that created Smallworld Systems, a company that grew from 8 to 800 employees and was the leading GIS system for Utilities and Telco's when it was acquired by GE in 2000. David now leads Marketing for Ubisense. His interests include music, astronomy, politics and fast cars.

Company Profile

Ubisense delivers a precise, real-time location system (RTLS) utilizing ultra-wideband (UWB) technology that locates assets and people within 12 inches in 3D.
Ubisense technology is powering the creation of a new generation of solutions. Ubisense provides insight into processes and operations that were previously hidden or too complicated to decipher. Customers spanning logistics and manufacturing, workplace, military, healthcare and hazardous environments are incorporating precision real-time location into their businesses.
Some of the many uses of Ubisense include
  • Boosting warehouse efficiency by instantly locating goods in a warehouses
  • Determining precise shopping patterns in stores increasing revenues through effective store layout
  • Improving safety for staff by accurately tracking them in radiation contaminated buildings
  • Reporting on workplace space utilization to increase productivity and reduce real estate costs
  • Enabling cameras, lights and sound to automatically track artistes and presenters, improving quality and reducing costs in the entertainment and media businesses
Ubisense has an extensive and growing network of partners and experts delivering solutions to customers across the world. For more information please see External Link