Printed Electronics: Applications Today (Printed Electronics USA 2006)

Mr Peter Brown,
The Technology Partnership, United Kingdom


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Presentation summary

Printed Electronics: Applications Today

Speaker biography

Dr. Peter Brown has been at TTP for four years and was originally employed as a physicist helping to develop TTP's proprietary novel inkjet technologies. His role has now evolved to include project management, intellectual property management for one of the inkjet technologies and business development in the area of printed electronics. Before joining TTP, Peter spent five and a half years at Cambridge University where he obtained a Ph.D. on the optoelectronics of polymeric field-effect transistors.

Company profile

The Technology Partnership (TTP) is Europe's leading independent technology development and licensing company. TTP was established in 1987, its headquarters are based in Melbourn and it employs 300 scientists and engineers.
TTP's primary activity is creating new business based on advances in technology. TTP's technology lies behind many products and processes in areas as diverse as digital printing, communications, instrumentation, consumer products, drug discovery, drug delivery and software. We also work in a traditional consultancy role to help companies manage their business and technology better. Our customers include some of the world's largest and most successful as well as some of the smallest and most ambitious. TTP incubates new companies and manages a Venture Capital fund which invests in early stage technology start-ups.
At the heart of everything that we do lies innovation and innovative thinking. We believe that innovation is of supreme importance to any company with ambition to survive and grow. It is the process that enables a company to respond to competitive pressure and a changing competitive environment and, most importantly, it is what enables a company to be more tomorrow that it was yesterday.