Printed electronics for polymer RFID applications

Mr Wolfgang Clemens, Head of Applications
PolyIC GmbH & Co KG, Germany


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Presentation Summary

  • Polymer electronics
  • Printing technology for simple, low-cost, high volume electronics
  • Polymer RFID tags
  • Roadmap and cost estimations

Speaker CV

I studied physics in Cologne / Germany and did my Phd thesis in the field of thinfilm magnetism at the research center Juelich / Germany.
In 1995 I went to Siemens Corporate Technology, where I first developed magnetic sensors and their applications. Since 1999 I was project leader for the development of integrated plastic cirucuits.
Since November 2003 I am Head of Applications of PolyIC

Company Profile

PolyIC is a leading developer of polymer electronics technology and a future provider of printed electronic products and components. PolyIC will provide products for high volume low cost applications based on organic semiconductors. PolyIC uses its competence on materials, new adapted chip design methods and mass production processes (roll-to-roll printing) for the development of this new technology. The leading application for PolyIC is RFID (Radio Frequency Identification). But the technology of the company has potential to be used in various electronics applications being thin, flexible, robust and low-cost. PolyIC is a member of EPCglobal - an organisation for standardising the use of RFID in the industries.
PolyIC GmbH & Co. KG started in November 2003 as joint venture between Leonhard Kurz GmbH & Co. KG (51%, Hot Stamping and Coating) and Siemens AG (49%, Electronics) for the development and production of printed polymer electronics. PolyIC is headquartered in Erlangen, at the Siemens Research Centre. PolyIC webpage is accessible on External Link

Speaker Biography (Wolfgang Clemens)

Wolfgang Clemens studied physics in Cologne and at the Research Center Juelich and made his PhD in the field of thin film magnetic systems. From 1995 to 2003 he worked at Siemens Corporate technology, Erlangen, where he started with the development of magnetic sensors and then was the project leader for the development of integrated plastic circuits. In November 2003 he span out with his project team to PolyIC, where he is now head of applications.