Printed electronics progress and state-of-the-art in East Asia (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

IDTechEx, United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

  • Latest progress from Japan, Korea, Taiwan and elsewhere
  • Activities of major players

Speaker Biography

Raghu Das MA (Cantab) is CEO/MD of IDTechEx. He has a BA Natural Sciences degree from Cambridge University, where he studied physics. He has been closely involved with the development of RFID and printed electronics for over 6 years, carrying out consultancy in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East. He has lectured on RFID, smart packaging and printed/organic electronics at over 200 events and conferences around the world and is author of several IDTechEx publications.

Company Profile

IDTechEx provides independent analysis on the development and application of RFID, smart packaging and printed electronics.
IDTechEx is a knowledge based company specialising in RFID smart labels, smart packaging and printed electronics. The company gives strictly independent marketing, technical and business advice and services on these subjects. It is in three forms - consultancy, publications and conferences. Staff are mainly honours graduates specialising in the subject. They travel intensively, visiting many conferences, universities and companies to learn and interpret the latest information. Indeed, IDTechEx is unusually international in its reach, with directors in the US and UK and technical associates in Japan , Spain and elsewhere. IDTechEx technical staff and associates speak Mandarin, Canton , Japanese, French, Dutch and many other languages.