Printed memory (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Dr Per Bröms, Applications Specialist
Thin Film Electronics AB, Sweden


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Presentation Summary

  • Introduction to polymer based non-volatile random access memory
  • Anti-counterfeit devices as an example of early applications
  • Printed memory roadmap

Speaker Biography

Per Bröms was born 1967 in Uppsala, Sweden. Moved to Linköping to take a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering at Linköping University. Continued with a PhD in the Surface Physics and Chemistry group, also at Linköping University. The thesis was on polymer light emitting diodes. Joined Thin Film Electronics in January 1999, first working on material characterization. In recent years he has worked on circuit and system design and also developed electrical behavior models for the TFE memory elements. In recent month the focus has shifted towards printed electronics and especially finding new innovative applications that have use for printed RAM memory.

Company Profile

Thin Film Electronics (TFE) is a Swedish/Norwegian technology group that has developed polymer based non volatile memory technologies which are printable. TFE is at the moment looking for technical cooperation, licensing and/or joint venture with companies for production of this memory mainly in the field of printed electronics.
TFE focus on the following application areas.
a) Anti-fraud and security application were the unique and hard to forge electrical and physical properties of the polymer memory together with its printability enables inexpensive and secure anti-fraud and brand protection possibilities.
b) Printed electronics were the polymer based RAM memory is a vital component in a printed electronics application on paper or plastic substrates.
c) High capacity hybrid memories, which use traditional silicon based electronic as substrate and adding the polymer base memory on top.