Printing Flexible Single Crystal Semiconductors (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Mr Kyle Benkendorfer, Sr Business Development Director
Semprius Inc, United States


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Speaker Biography

Kyle Benkendorfer received a B.S. degree in Chemistry from Texas A&M University and an MSc in Management, Sloan Fellowship, from the London Business School. Mr. Benkendorfer has over twenty-five years of experience commercializing early stage research in North America, Europe, and Asia as a Technical and Commercial Manager with The Dow Chemical Company and as a consultant for several small start-ups. He successfully commercialized new semiconductor packaging materials in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, and the U.S., new polyurethane materials in Australia and New Zealand, spin-on dielectrics in North America and Europe, and light emitting polymers for use in OLED displays in Japan and Taiwan. In addition, he has experience in commercializing flexible electronics and displays as well as high tensile strength fibers.

Company Profile (Semprius)

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Semprius, Inc. is commercializing a novel process for printing high performance semiconductors on any substrate, including glass, plastic and other semiconductor materials. Initial applications of the technology include solar modules, and LCD and OLED displays. For more information, please visit
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