Printing RFID Antenna with Conductive Inks (RFID Smart Labels USA 2007)

Mr Jeff Parker,
Acheson Colloids, United States


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Presentation Summary

  • Advantages of water based inks for high speed printing applications vs. solvent and UV platforms for label converters
  • Application of inks for high speed processes -
  • Positive results from initial trials and completed transponder testing
  • Successful history for Acheson as a major suppler for high speed inks into the printed electronics market

Speaker Biography

Jeffrey M. Parker is an Application Supervisor at Acheson Colloids specializing in the use and application of polymer thick films (PTF) for the electronic industry. His current focus deals with printing solvent, UV and water based conductive inks utilizing Flexographic and gravure methods to produce devices with high yield and throughput. These printed ink components serve medical, security, and consumer markets as well as several niche applications. He received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry from the University Of Michigan and holds patents in material science and PTF related innovations.