Printing the Future of Optics (3D Printing LIVE! USA 2014)

Mr Richard van de Vrie, President & CEO
Nov 19, 2014.


Santa Clara 2014 Presentation - Luxexcel*
Santa Clara 2014 Audio Presentation - Luxexcel*
Santa Clara 2014 Video Presentation - Luxexcel*

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Presentation Summary

• LUXeXceL - Inventor of Printoptical Technology - the World's only Additive Manufacturing process for functional optics and potential the No.1 plastic optics manufacturing technology of the future!
• One-Step-CAD-to-Optic Digital Manufacturing Process
• The Digitization of Optics Manufacturing has started! Please watch: "A day out of the life of John, the Optical Engineer"

Speaker Biography (Richard van de Vrie)

Richard van de Vrie is a visionary lighting industry innovator with over 25 year experience in the lighting industry (through roles as CEO of Lighting Partner BV and VP of two stock market listed companies: Sylvania Lighting and Lighting Science Group).
Richard has held various positions at lighting fixture and light source manufacturers; including corporate management, business development, brand positioning /marketing, building global platforms, developing and launching new innovative products, collections and global brands. In 2009 he founded the LUXeXceL Group with full focus to try to solve the inflexible, difficult and expensive LED optics development for the Lighting Industry that had huge challenges to follow the pace of the fast improving digital LED chips. Richard holds the position of President & CEO at LUXeXceL.

Company Profile (Luxexcel)

Luxexcel logo
Luxexcel is the only company in the world with technology that can 3D print ophthalmic lenses. The company started in 2009 and has optimized its 3D print technology for the ophthalmic market. The unique and highly accurate technology allows manufacturing lenses without the need for polishing. Key benefits of the technology are the ability to eliminate operational inefficiencies and the creation of new and perfectly customized products.
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