Skin-Inspired Electronic Materials, Devices And Applications (Printed Electronics USA 2017)

Prof Zhenan Bao, Department of Chemical Engineering
Stanford University
United States

Presentation Summary

We have developed electronic materials that are skin like with properties, such as stretchability, self-healing and biodegradable. They open up possibilities for new applications in wearable electronics, displays, robotics and implantable electronics.

Speaker Biography (Zhenan Bao)

Bao is currently a Professor and a David Filo and Jerry Yang Faculty Fellow at Stanford University. She received her Ph.D. from University of Chicago. After spending 8 years in Bell Labs as a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, she joined Stanford as an Associate Professor in 2004. She has over 250 refereed publications and 40 US patents. Selected recent awards include: ACS Arthur Cope Scholar Award for 2011, ACS and ACS-PMSE Fellow in 2011, RSC Beilby Medal and Prize in 2009, SPIE Fellow in 2008 and IUPAC Creativity in Applied Polymer Science Prize in 2008.

Company Profile (Stanford University)

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