Protect and Find - Easy to Use High-throughput RTLS Applications (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2012)

Dr Thomas Foerste, VP Sales & Marketing
Nanotron Technologies
May 16, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • Protect and find platform solution
  • Data communication in harsh environments - exchanging sensor data reliably
  • Successful applications of RTLS and WSN
  • Ease of installation for system integrators and end-users

Speaker Biography (Thomas Foerste)

Dr. Thomas Foerste facilitated the definition of location awareness as the basis of Nanotron's business solutions. He directs Nanotron's product strategy with responsibility for the company's protect and find platforms.
Dr. Foerste joined Nanotron in 2008 as the Vice President Sales and Marketing from LSI Corporation. From 1991 through to 2008 he served in several senior sales management positions at LSI, AT&T Microelectronics, Lucent Technologies and later Agere Systems. At LSI he led European Business Development for Telecom and Networking products. Thomas Foerste had started his career building a chip design team as part of the Soviet Space program. He graduated in VLSI chip design and holds a Ph.D. in Semiconductor Devices from Technical University Dresden.
At nanotron Dr. Foerste works directly with system integrators, lead customers in the consumer space some of which have been early adopters of Nanotron's solutions, and worldwide sales partners.

Company Profile (Nanotron Technologies)

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Nanotron Technologies is a leading provider of wireless products that help to protect and find people, animals and valuable assets. They create highly accurate location information and energy-efficiently transmit data with a single, low-cost chip. Nanotron's technology is patent-protected and follows ISO and IEEE standards for global asset tracking. Nanotron's solutions are used in a wide range of applications and industry verticals including child safety in public places, livestock monitoring & management, mine safety, virtual fencing and transit yard management.
Nanotron's products are available on two distinct platforms: protect and find. The protect platform monitors proximity. The find platform locates people, animals and valuable assets. Both platforms create reliable and efficient visibility. Nanotron supports its customers and channel partners to adapt the protect and find products to the needs of their vertical markets.
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