Realizing the Promise of Graphene in Commercial Products (Graphene LIVE! USA 2014)

Dr Roland Lee, VP Research & Development
Graphene Technologies
United States
Nov 20, 2014.

Presentation Summary

A short discussion on product development: Industry is eager to develop advanced products leveraging the properties of graphene reported in the literature. A number of elements need to be in place in order for such products to be realized. Perhaps the most important of these is skill and experience at the interface of the target media and the additive material: How Graphene Technologies approaches the challenge and opportunity.

Speaker Biography (Roland Lee)

Roland Lee, PhD. Graphene Technologies V.P. R&D. Roland earned his PhD at University of Pennsylvania in CNTs in 1999 and has spent his career in commercial carbon nano-materials synthesis and applications.

Company Profile (Graphene Technologies)

Graphene Technologies logo
Graphene Technologies, Inc. (GT) is a specialty chemicals company building a portfolio of technologies and advanced polymer products in collaboration with global corporate partners. GT begins with it's patented, near zero-waste, exothermic and scalable graphene synthesis process that uses carbon dioxide to produce high quality graphene and other nano-materials. On top of this foundation, GT has built a portfolio of 'middleware' technologies, know-how and a scientific and product development team that place the Company in a unique position to work with global corporations to develop products for their markets.
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