Revolution in Manufacturing PCB's on Flexible Substrate (Printed Electronics Asia 2013)

Mr Bjorn Wasell, CEO
DP Patterning AB
Jul 10, 2013.


DP Patterning - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

* Like New clean manufacturing process for RFID, PCBs Heating foils etc.
* Allow new materials to be used.
* Environmental sustainable process.
* Machines from laboratory scale to full production.

Speaker Biography (Bjorn Wasell)

Mr Wasell is an entrepreneur and experienced Managing Director of technology companies with international B2B marketing and sales. His experience covers areas as electronic, software, imaging, plastic and mechanical business. Since December 2012 he is the Managing Director and CEO of DP Patterning AB. He holds a Master degree in Engineering Physics from Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden and has a Diploma from MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA in Managing Technology-Based Innovations.

Company Profile (DP Patterning AB)

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DPP (Dry Phase Patterning) is a new technology that not only revolutionizes the manufacturing of electronic circuits - it turns it upside down. Our process is based on mechanical machining of the material, rather than the traditional use of chemical etching. This brings you instant advantages such as cost-efficiency and significantly reduced production times. But it is also the choice for everyone who is looking for an environmentally friendly, sustainable solution that meets tomorrow's demands.
DPP is still a spark of genius even if you don't manufacture electronics. There are numerous applications for our technology when it comes to patterning laminates. Try DPP - an innovative approach.
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