RFID in Space: RFID Reader and Tags for ISS Inventory Management (RFID Europe 2011)

Dr John Bacon, Systems Integration Engineer
NASA - Johnson Space Center
United States
Sep 27, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • International Space Station (ISS) has this month deployed first RFID inventory system in space
  • The challenges in the ISS environment are severe: ISS living, work, and stowage issues are illustrated
  • The future growth and expected needs are outlined.

Speaker Biography (John Bacon)

Dr. Bacon serves as lead of the Space Environments team of the Vehicle Integrated Performance, Environments, and Resources (VIPER) team in the International Space Station Program Office. He holds a seat on the ISS executive International Mission Management Team, in cooperation with representatives from the crew, flight operations, engineering, flight medicine, payloads, safety, EVA, and Russia, ESA, Japan, and Canada.

Company Profile (NASA)

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