RFID RTLS and Yard Management, Increasing the Visibility (Active RFID Summit 2007)

Mr Aleks Gollu, CEO
PINC Solutions, United States
Dec 06, 2007.


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Presentation Summary

• Problem Definition in the Distribution Center Yard
• What is RTLS: Benefits, applications, technologies
  • Technical evaluation criteria
  • Implementations with Active-RFID and Passive RFID
  • Technology comparisons
• RTLS vs. Yard Management
  • How to choose a starting point
• Quantifying Benefits

Company Profile (Pinc Solutions)

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PINC is headquartered in Berkeley, California. Its real time asset visibility solution, Yard Hound, is deployed at industry-leading customers in Manufacturing, Retail and Transportation sectors in North America. PINC has pioneered the use of passive RFID, GPS, and MEMS-based sensors in determining the position of items, in real-time eliminating the needs for heavy, up-front infrastructure. For more information about PINC Solutions and the Yard Hound Product Suite, please visit www.pincsolutions.com
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