Roadway Power Systems (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010)

Mr H Tracy Snelling III, Vice President of Business Development
United States
Nov 16, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • Uses waste heat from the asphalt to heat working fluids.
  • Lowest cost/watt solar technology
  • No bulky solar collectors or visible footprint
  • Extends asphalt life and lowers air conditioning load by reducing urban heat island effect
  • Reduces GHG emissions

Speaker Biography (H Tracy Snelling III)

Tracy Snelling is Vice President of Business Development for Novotech, the parent company for Roadway Power Systems. Before joining Novotech in 2009, Snelling was Vice President of Sales, for Insight, Inc a wholly owned subsidiary of Insight Enterprises. He joined Insight in 1994, serving in a progression of sales and sales management positions with the Fortune 500 Company. Snelling has executive management experience running both large and small sales forces both domestically and abroad. Snelling holds a B.S. in justice studies from Arizona State University.

Company Profile (Novotech Inc)

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The Roadway Power System (RPS) creates a new, untapped, energy source. The technology uses embedded tubes in asphalt to draw out the heat/energy caused by solar radiation. With asphalt surfaces in the US covering an area larger than the state of Florida, the potential energy is tremendous. Energy and roadways are the two largest markets in the US—so market size is not an issue. With two patents granted and three patents pending, RPS has begun to protect its rights to this potentially lucrative market. Data collected from our Phoenix, Arizona test pad show RPS will be the lowest cost solar technology. The closest competition is roof mounted flat plate solar. Unlike flat plate solar, there are no bulky collectors to mount, and RPS has no visible signature. RPS could be installed during routine repaving. RPS seeks $2 million in funding to file additional patents, develop installation techniques, improve efficiencies, and install two alpha sites. Initial target markets are substantial users of hot water such as hospitals and hotels. Near term and future markets could include using the system for air conditioning, water purification and electricity. Initially we will sell systems; ultimately we would like to sell energy.
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