Seamless Geolocation in a Wireless Sensor Network (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2010)

Mr Andy Thurman, Director
United Kingdom
Nov 17, 2010.


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Presentation Summary

  • A new architecture for WSN geolocation in which all devices are the same
  • The system combines measurements exchanged between neighbouring devices to determine the relative position of all devices in the network
  • Removes traditional RTLS reliance on pre-installed infrastructure
  • Adds location awareness capability to rapidly deployed Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Useful in many applications that cannot tolerate installation costs or do not know in advance the area to be monitored
  • Local positioning system alternative to GPS

Speaker Biography (Andy Thurman)

Andy Thurman is a co-Founder and CEO of Omnisense Limited with over 20 years experience across a number of sectors in the development of ICT products. At technology consultancy Sagentia, Andy led the Software Systems Group in developing innovative fixed and mobile services, mainly in the Telecoms and Media space. After managing delivery of the bespoke hardware and software programme to create a location system for use in horseracing, Andy became Technical Director at TurfTrax in 2004. During his time there the sparse wideband (SWB) technology was developed into the robust, high accuracy operational geolocation system that provided the impetus for the establishment of Omnisense.

Company Profile (Omnisense Limited)

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Omnisense supply innovative products and IPR that add true geolocating capability to wireless sensor networks. The primary focus is on relative positioning applications that are intolerant of installing fixed infrastructure at a site. Omnisense have identified a series of needs to which their location aware sensor system have been optimised. The first generation product uses Omnisense's sparse wideband (SWB) and joint timing and location engine (JTLE) techniques to provide precise real-time performance in sports (extensively proven in horseracing). The recently developed second generation product is a hybrid geolocation system in which "cluster" devices communicate with one another on a peer-to-peer basis forming an adhoc mesh network. Using measurements from neighbouring devices, they are able to determine their relative positions and velocities in real time. These unique features are relevant to multiple commercial and other applications across Healthcare, Agriculture, Transport, Blue Force and Blue Light services, as well as the Oil and Gas and Construction industries. Omnisense products are quick and easy to deploy, indoors and out, without the need to pre-install gates, readers or access points.
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