Sensors Integration in Electronic Textiles Platforms for Monitoring in a Natural Environment (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2011)

Ms Rita Paradiso, Scientific Director
Jun 21, 2011.

Presentation Summary

  • Presents several platforms developed in the last ten years in the frame of research projects targeting different applications.
  • Includes health care and rehabilitation to security purposes.
  • Special emphasis will be given to the description of technical and functional solutions implemented to satisfy functional and comfort requirements.

Speaker Biography (Rita Paradiso)

Rita Paradiso graduated in Physics from the University of Genoa and received her Ph.D. in Bioengineering in 1991. Molecular Electronics, Biosensors, Biomaterials for biomedical applications have been her main research topics. In particular she worked on functionalized surfaces and their characterization. She worked in London during the Ph.D. at the Physics Department of Queen Mary College.
In 1993 she got a Post Doctor CE fellowship, at the Molecular Chemical Laboratory - CNE Saclay, France. In 1994 she was Post Doctor fellow at the Department of Material Engineering of the University of Trento. During 1998, she worked at the "IRST-Instituto Trentino di Cultura" on bio-activation of MEMS, FIBIA.
From 1998-1999 she was Research Manager of Technobiochip s.r.l.- Marciana (LI)-Italy.
She has over 60 scientific publications and conference presentation since 1989.
She joined Smartex in 2000 as R&D Manager, and from September 2001 was the coordinator of WEALTHY (IST-2001-37778), from January 2004, was working in MYHEART an Integrated Project (IST-2002-507816) as coordinator of "Functional Bioclothes" consortium, she was involved in Biotex (IST-NMP 016789), and Healthwear ( e-TEN 029402) and she is currently working in Proetex (IST-4 026987), Tremor (ICT-2007-2-224051), Veritas (ICT-2009.7.2-247765), Mobiserv (ICT 2009.7.1-248434) and e-Sponder (SEC-2009.4.2-242411) as e-textile expert and as technical coordinator in Psyche (ICT-2009.5.1-247777).

Company Profile (Smartex)

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