Embed Smell Sensors In Your Next Product (Sensors Europe 2019)

Shunichiro Kuroki, CEO
Aroma Bit, Inc.

Presentation Summary

Aroma Bit develops a small sensor that mimics the mechanism of the olfactory system and can capture and digitize smell. Aroma Bit's key competence lies in the odor receptor membrane material technology, which enables robust, high sensitivity, high odor resolution smell sensor for various sensor substrates, including multi-array QCM (Quartz Crystal Microbalance]), MEMS, etc.
Our new products, 1.) Aroma Coder (high sensitivity, high-resolution desktop odor measurement instrument), and 2.) SDK-1Q (System Development Kit) for embedding smell sensor functionalities to customers' system, is introduced.

Speaker Biography (Shunichiro Kuroki)

Shunichiro Kuroki is a Founder and CEO at Aroma Bit, Inc. He received a BA in Chemistry and Physics at Macalester College. After his career as a semiconductor process engineer at NEC Corporation (currently, Renesas Electronics), he has spent over a decade of his professional career as technology sector investment analyst at top-tier investment bank including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. He is also an inventor and co-inventor for over ten patents in the area of odor sensors, optical display systems, and other technology domains.

Company Profile (Aroma Bit, Inc.)

Aroma Bit is a technology startup that invented a small sensor that can digitize smell. R&D teams in various industries are using the sensors to collect olfactory (scent) data of product samples and exploring new applications to utilize the technology.
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