Smart Functional Materials for Energy Harvesting: from Laboratory to Commercialisation (Energy Harvesting and Storage Europe 2015)

Prof Elias Siores, Director
University of Bolton
United Kingdom
Apr 29, 2015.

Presentation Summary

A novel low cost technology has been developed that integrates piezoelectric polymer substrate and organic photovoltaic coating system to create 3-D fibre structures capable of harvesting energy from nature, including sun, rain, wind, wave and tide. They are flexible and can be incorporated in textiles for a wide variety of applications on earth, underwater and possibly space. The new technology will enable new cost effective modes of energy harvesting and provide high added value opportunities for the supply of chemicals and advanced materials into diverse industry applications.

Speaker Biography (Elias Siores)

Professor Elias Siores is the Provost and Director of Research and Innovation, Bolton University. Educated in the UK (BSc, MSC, MBA, PhD) and pursued his academic career in Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne) and Asia (Hong Kong, Dong Guan) before returning to Europe (UK) as a Marie Curie Fellow. His R&D work concentrated on advancing the science and technology in the field of automated Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation including Ultrasound, Acoustic Emission, and Microwave Thermography. His recent R&D work focuses on Smart / Functional Materials and Systems development. In this area, he has developed Electromagnetic, Electrorheological, Photovoltaic and Piezoelectric Smart Materials based Energy Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy, Medical, Health Care and Wearable Devices. He has published over 300 publications including 8 Patents . He has been a member of editorial boards of international journals and a Fellow of IOM, TWI, IEAust, SAE and WTIA. He has served on Board of Directors of a number of research centres worldwide including UK, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong, all associated with the Bio-Nano-Materials field. He has received 15 awards in his career for R&D achievements.

Company Profile (University of Bolton)

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The Institute for Materials Research and Innovation (IMRI) is part of Bolton University and also a core partner of the Knowledge Centre for Materials Chemistry (KCMC) in the UK. IMRI is a true multidisciplinary research organisation, specialising in Smart Material Systems and offering only postgraduate education at Masters and PhD levels. It focuses on technical textiles, medical and healthcare devices and renewable energy technologies that are based on smart materials. IMRI continues to work collaboratively with SME in UK and Europe and delivers industry driven interdisciplinary projects. In addition, IMRRI develops its own intellectual property patent portfolio and identifies suitable partners for commercialisation.
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