Solar Cells in Textile Products (Printed Electronics Europe 2012)

Dr Oliver Lang, CTO
Lang Consulting Engineering
Apr 04, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

  • Some basics about photovoltaic systems
  • Integration methods of solar cells and modules
  • Typical applications for solar textiles
  • Pros and cons of solar textiles

Speaker Biography (Oliver Lang)

Dr. Oliver Lang (49) founded several electronic and solar engineering companies and now runs his own consulting and engineering office LCE (Lang Consulting Engineering) in the field of stand alone solar power supply and LED systems.
After his study of Physics in Berlin and Valencia and his PhD at the Hahn-Meitner-Institut in Berlin in basic research of thin film photovoltaics he started the solar system engineering company SOLARC GmbH and later the solar module production company Q-mo solar AG as CTO. He is the inventor and author of more than 20 patents and brands and several technical and scientific publications. In 2006 Mr. Lang became member of the board of the Photovoltaic Institute (PI) Berlin. In 2008 he joined the Berlin based Renewable Academy (RENAC) as lecturer.

Company Profile (Lang Consulting Engineering)

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LCE has been founded in 2008 by Dr. Oliver Lang in Berlin as engineering and consulting office. The main working fields of LCE are autarkic, stand-alone solar power supply systems and devices and LED lighting systems in the power range from miniaturized Energy Harvesting systems up to large power supplies for houses or industrial applications.
Many customers and projects of LCE are from countries within the "sun belt", such as African countries or South China. Other projects such as technology consulting of solar module companies or engineering of energy harvesting systems are mainly running in European countries. LCE is also supplying components of PV and LED systems, as actually the complete solar power supply for golf carts in a southern African state.
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