Solid-State Lithium-ion SMD Micro-Batteries To Deliver High Power (Energy Storage Innovations Europe 2019)

Mr Alain Jutant, VP Sales & Business Development

Presentation Summary

High scale integration, self-reliance, security of data, ease of manufacturing, simple recycling and low manufacturing costs are the main drivers of the Electronics industry.
Based on nanotechnologies, new energy micro-storage solutions are available in very compact form factor, easy to assemble and able to deliver high power on demand while being reliable on an extended operating temperature range.
This presentation will review how these solid-state SMD micro-batteries offer solutions for smart-cards, security modules and for nomadic devices to back-up data in case of power loss, to power-assist primary batteries and deliver the peak currents required by RF transmissions

Speaker Biography (Alain Jutant)

Alain Jutant handled successively several positions as CEO and VP business development of startups, director of business development for Asia and product line director in Atmel, director of Innovation and Strategy and Marketing manager in large industrial corporations (Thales). Before joining ITEN as VP sales and business development, Alain was COO of a private company in the field of e- textiles.
He has more than 30 years background experience in sensors, semiconductors and electronic systems acquired on medical and industrial markets as well as mobile phone, automotive, security and consumer markets.
Alain holds a master's degree in electronics and microelectronics

Company Profile (ITEN)

ITEN logo
ITEN is the leading industrial company developing and manufacturing solid-state lithium-ion microbatteries in the form of SMD components. Such microbatteries are rechargeable In a few minutes and are not only able to store high energy density but also to deliver power and high peak currents (a few 100 milliampers) over a wide operating temperature range. ITEN's microbatteries are the ideal solutions to back-up and power up applications in electronics, SSDs, mobile and GPS devices, SSDs, medical devices, smart cards and security tokens, home and building automation, smart cities, wearables and e-textile, IoT and more generally wireless sensor networks
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