Sonar On A Chip: MEMS Ultrasonic Time-Of-Flight Sensors (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr David Horsley, CTO & Co-Founder
Chirp Microsystems
United States


USA 2017 Presentation - Chirp Microsystems*
USA 2017 Audio Presentation - Chirp Microsystems*

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Presentation Summary

Chirp Microsystems is developing a line of ultralow power ultrasonic sensors based on piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers (PMUTs). Relative to optical sensors, these ultrasonic sensors have the advantage of very low power consumption (15 microwatts), long range (> 1 m), and the ability to work in any lighting condition, from total darkness to full sunlight. These sensors enable natural, immersive human-machine interfaces for consumer electronics applications including gaming, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and wearable devices.

Speaker Biography (David Horsley)

David Horsley is CTO and Co-Founder of Chirp Microsystems. He is also a Professor at UC Davis, where he is the Director of the Center for Nano and Micro-Manufacturing (CNM2), and an Adjunct Professor at UC Berkeley, where he is Co-Director of the Berkeley Sensor and Actuator Center (BSAC). Dr. Horsley is a leading researcher on micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and has co-authored over 150 papers and holds over 20 patents. Prior to joining UC Davis, he led MEMS development at Hewlett Packard Laboratories and Dicon Fiberoptics and helped to co-found Onix Microsystems, a manufacturer of fiber-optic switching components. He is a recipient of the National Science Foundation's Career Award and in 2016 he received the Schwarzkopf Award for Technological Innovation his innovative work on micromachined ultrasonic transducers.

Company Profile (Chirp Microsystems, Inc.)

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Chirp Microsystems is bringing ultrasound to everyday products. Founded in 2013 based on pioneering research performed at the University of California, Chirp's piezoelectric micromachined ultrasonic transducers offer long range and low power in a tiny package, enabling products that perceive the three-dimensional world in which we live. Combined with Chirp's embedded software library, these sensors enable new user interfaces for wearables, smart home and other IoT devices, AR/VR and more. For more information, please visit: External Link
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