Standard Turnkey Production Line for CIGS Thin Film PV Modules on Glass Substrates and Opportunities for Production of Thin Film Modules on Flexible Substrates with Roll-to-Roll Equipment (Printed Electronics Asia 2010)

Dr Georg Ritter, Technical Sales Thin Film Division
centrotherm photovoltaics AG
Oct 14, 2010.


Centrotherm Photovoltaics Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • Characteristics of the CIGS technology developed by centrotherm employing sequential CIGS-deposition by combination of vacuum and atmospheric pressure processes
  • Layout and key parameters of standard turnkey production line on glass substrates offered by centrotherm
  • Opportunities and advantages of R2R processing of CIGS PV modules and other thin film systems on flexible substrates employing rollcoaters from FHR/centrotherm