Connected Coaching With Smart Sports Apparel, Kinetic Capture And Digital Assistants (Wearable USA 2018)

Steven Webster, CEO
United States

Presentation Summary

Tracking isn't teaching. And counting isn't coaching. In this presentation, asensei CEO Steven Webster will introduce the category of "Connected Coaching" as distinctive from the Connected Fitness category that has been defined by activity trackers, smart watches and connected fitness products. He will demonstrate and share key technology ideas underpinning the asensei product, including Kinetic Capture (real-time biomechanical performance analysis using smart sports apparel) and Connected Coaching (a digital assistant delivering real-time coaching to athlete's according to the instruction of a real coach).

Speaker Biography (Steven Webster)

In-between captaining, competing and coaching Edinburgh University Karate Club, Steven graduated in Computer Science and Electronics. A 4th degree black belt, he proceeded to coach for Edinburgh during the most successful period of the club's history - coaching several hundred students, awarding over 20 black belts and winning 10 consecutive national championships. Winner of PWC Coach of the Year award, Steven funded his sport coaching as a full-time hardware and software engineer. Selling his first startup to Adobe in 2005, Steven built a global consulting team winning awards with clients including Nike, NFL and BBC. In 2012 Microsoft asked him to create a new innovation group working with products like Cortana and Kinect to craft new digital experiences for events including London 2012 Olympics and Rio World Cup. Convinced technology has evolved to enable a new category he calls "Connected Coaching", Steven left Microsoft in 2014 to start asensei.

Company Profile (Asensei)

Asensei logo
asensei is your personal trainer who knows your every move. With sensors throughout your clothing, she tracks your posture and movement. She guides and monitors your practice, and provides feedback on form and progress, all delivered in real-time in your ear.
• World-class coaches trust asensei to deliver their coaching to athletes exactly as they taught it to her.
• Athletes trust asensei to connect them with world-class coaches and guide them towards their goals.
• Our patent pending Kinetic Coaching platform allows asensei to work with apparel companies and fitness equipment manufacturers to make world-class coaching accessible to athletes of all levels in the sport of their choosing.
• Apparel companies upgrade their apparel with our motion capture sensors so that asensei can make sense of movement and coach athletes in their apparel.
• Fitness equipment manufacturers integrate with asensei to share real-time metrics so that their equipment is invaluable to athletes and coaches.
Working with world-leading equipment providers including Concept 2, alongside Olympic athletes from Team USA, Team New Zealand and Team Great Britain, asensei has released our first connected coaching product for rowers and indoor rowers of all levels of ability.
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