The Dawn of the Neo-Sensory Age (Printed Electronics USA 2013)

Dr Christophe Ramstein, President and CEO
Novasentis, Inc
United States
Nov 21, 2013.


Novasentis (Dr Christophe Ramstein) - Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

o Explore how haptics will forever change user interface, experience and product design, bridging the gap between traditionally lifeless devices and the human senses of sight, sound and touch.
o Learn more about how to truly animate devices and make them more functional, easy to use, and responsive.
o Understand how EMP technology works, why it is the mark of a new era in computing, and the types of devices we can expect to see embracing advanced haptics in the future.

Speaker Biography (Christophe Ramstein)

Dr. Christophe Ramstein is President and CEO of Novasentis (formerly SPS). He is considered a foremost expert in haptic and sensory technologies, and has spent his career developing and bringing to market technologies that improve device design and humanize and enhance the user experience. Ramstein holds a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Polytechnic Institute in France and has authored over 40 patents and papers during the course of his 20+ year career. Formerly, Ramstein was CTO of Immersion Corporation, President and CEO of Haptic Technologies (acquired by Immersion), and has held senior management positions at Immersion Medical and Industry Canada.

Company Profile (Novasentis, Inc)

Novasentis, Inc logo
Novasentis, Inc. (formerly SPS) created the world's first Electro-mechanical Polymer (EMP), the thinnest and most flexible haptic actuator and sensor technology today, used to develop mobile and wearable products that come alive with movement and sound. By bridging consumer electronics and sensory interaction, Novasentis enables 4D spatial tactile experiences and next-generation mobile product designs. The company is based in San Francisco and has offices in Pennsylvania, Korea, and Tokyo. More information on Novasentis is online at External Link.
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