The Development Of Electronic Sensor Yarns (Wearable Europe 2018)

Mr Achala Satharasinghe, Researcher
Nottingham Trent University
United Kingdom
Dr Theodore Hughes-Riley, Research Fellow in Energy Harvesting
Nottingham Trent University
United Kingdom


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Presentation Summary

This presentation will detail that development of electronic sensor yarns, which can be used to create sensing textiles. Examples of sensor yarns and garments will be given, with both the creation of acoustic sensing yarns and optically sensitive (photodiode) yarns being given as case studies.

Speaker Biography (Achala Satharasinghe)

Mr. Satharasighe is a PhD research student in his 2nd year of studies in the Advanced Textiles Research Group at Nottingham Trent University, where his current work is on the study of optical sensors embedded inside textile structures. He has a background in textile materials and process engineering and completed his MSc in nanoscience and nanotechnology. He also has 7+ years of industry experience in developing innovative solutions for world's top textile and apparel brands and emerging tech start-ups specially on wearable electronics.

Speaker Biography (Theodore Hughes-Riley)

Dr. Hughes-Riley is a Research Fellow in the Advanced Textiles Research Group at Nottingham Trent University (in the United Kingdom), where his main area of responsibility is to apply his physics expertise towards the development of advanced textiles. He is a highly multidisciplinary scientist with a particular focus on sensor technologies. During his career, Dr. Hughes-Riley's research has covered a number of disparate fields including technology development for environmental and medical applications. He has a growing reputation in fields of wearable devices, electronic textile, and sensor technologies and has authored over 20 academic journal articles.

Company Profile (Nottingham Trent University)

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The Advanced Textiles Research Group (ATRG), formed by Professor Tilak Dias, is one of the fastest growing departments at Nottingham Trent University. The research of the group runs along two main topics: Electronic Textiles and Yarns, focusing on embedding electronic functionality into yarns and textiles; and Flexural Materials, focusing on advanced knitted and woven structures, elastomeric composites and bio-realistic modelling. LED electronic yarns made by the group have been used by Bonnie Binary and associates to create a dress that demonstrates the flexible properties of these illuminated textile yarns that are embroidered onto the surface.
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