The first FAB for mass printed electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2006)

Mr Arved Huebler, CTO
Printed Systems GMBH, Germany


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Presentation Summary

  • Our vision of printed electronics
  • The fab, the products
  • The future

Speaker Biography

Prof. Dr. Arved C. Huebler
Born in 1960, Arved Huebler studied Physics in Heidelberg and Berlin. His PhD in the field of image science was honoured with several awards. In 1992, Arved Huebler joined the Bertelsmann Group in Guetersloh, Germany, which is one of the largest media companies worldwide. At Bertelsmann, he became Technical Director responsible for several main technological projects. In 1997, he was appointed to a professorship at Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany. He is director of the Institute for Print and Media Technology pmTUC at the University with about 45 employees today. The pmTUC is one of the leading places in printed electronics, in 2005 the group of Arved had presented the first fully mass printed integrated circuit (a ring oscillator with 14 transistors).
Arved Huebler is a member of various national and international scientific organisations (e.g. IS&T). He has over 90 publications, holds several patents and was chair of several international conferences. He is member of the board at OEA, the international Organic Electronics Association. Furthermore, he is co-founder and CTO of printed systems GmbH in Chemnitz, a young company focused on printed electronics.

Company Profile

printed systems GmbH:Founded in 2003, the company is a spin-off of Chemnitz Technical University's Institut für Print- und Medientechnik (Institute for Print and Media Technology).Apart from ID tags and keyboards, printed systems intends to operate in the areas of printed sensors and solar cells as well.The company is currently raising the number of employees to 25, with around 3.5 million euros to be invested in research and technology and in product and market development.