The Fully Scalable WITT Motion Energy Harvester - Providing electricity at all Power Levels (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2015)

Mr Nicholas Gill, Corporate Advisor
Witt Ltd
United Kingdom


USA 2015 Presentation - Witt Ltd*
USA 2015 Audio Presentation - Witt Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

The WITT is a patented transmission system that harvests motion in any combination of the six possible degrees of freedom into a single unidirectional rotation to generate power. First commercial applications will provide ancillary power in the marine environment to power onboard devices. Later applications will provide consumer power and grid scale wave power.

Speaker Biography (Nicholas Gill)

Nicholas Gill is the Corporate Director of Witt Limited. He has a track record of assisting companies to develop and commercialise new cutting edge technology. His venture capital background assists in raising finance and other funding to bring product to market which he is doing with Witt Limited. He has also secured collaborative grant funding both from within the UK and from the US to develop technology.

Company Profile (Witt Limited)

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Witt Limited has created a scalable energy harvesting device called the WITT which captures energy from motion. Whilst there are numerous applications for the technology, we are initially creating WITTs to power small vessels and navigational buoys from sea motion. This will be followed by a smaller WITT to generate power from human motion when the right development partners are identified. Future applications could extend to generating grid scale power from the ocean. We are creating manufacturing capabilities with select partners, have early customer interest, and are working to deploy the technology globally.
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