The Next Generation of Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing LIVE! USA 2014)

Dr Erwin Meinders, Other Manager
TNO - Holst Centre
Nov 19, 2014.

Presentation Summary

With more than 15 years of experience in Additive Manufacturing (AM) research and development, TNO is currently expanding its activities in the fields of Vat photo-polymerization (VAT), powder bed fusion, and hybrid manufacturing through international collaborations with research institutes and SME's. TNO is working to bring new technologies from the laboratory to the market in the form of improved processes, engineered material properties, and new AM machine concepts; all while helping to take AM from a prototyping to manufacturing technology.
Recently, the Lepus Next-Generation tool has taken VAT even closer to a versatile manufacturing technology. This tool utilizes a novel illumination system, eliminating the need for complex stitching for large area illuminations, has a high resolution (20mu or better), and a large build size (300x300x200mm). We currently see applications of this technology in the medical, high tech, and aerospace markets, and in polymer, composite, and ceramic material systems. Finally, this new additive manufacturing technology will allow for further advancements in material properties and in AM process improvement.

Company Profile (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (BMC))

Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (BMC) logo
The department of Equipment for Additive Manufacturing (EfAM) develops cutting-edge technology and high-precision machine concepts for 3D printing and layer-wise material deposition.
Among others, EfAM has developed a 3D chocolate printer, a 3D pasta printer, a high-viscous continuous inkjet system, a force feedback system for a 3D Digital Light Processing printer, a fast large area atomic layer deposition machine and biocompatible materials and ceramic slurries for stereolithography. EfAM has a track record of successful technology transfers to its business partners. For example, its experience with stereolithography was used to found two companies; Rapidshape and NextDent.
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