The Way Toward All-Printed RFID Tags: Materials, Processes, and Devices (Printed Electronics Europe 2007)

Prof Gyou-Jin Cho, PROFESSOR
Sunchon National University, Korea

Presentation Summary

  • Silver-Polyanilline Based Inks for Printing Passive Components in RFID Tag using Gravure Printer.
  • SWNT Based All Printed TFT for Printing Rectifier and Ring Oscillator.
  • Conducting Polymer Based All Printed 16 bit Memory Cell.

Speaker Biography

Ph. D. The University of Oklahoma, 1995
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering, Sunchon National University,
Associate Director of Office of Planning and Research, Sunchon National University, 11/2002 - 08/2004
Chair of Regional Innovation Center, Sunchon National University,
Adjunct Director of PARU RFID R&D
Research Fields: Conducting Polymers, Printed Electronics, and Coatings.

Company Profile (Sunchon National University)

Sunchon National University logo
Institute: Department of Printed Electronics Engineering, Sunchon National University, was launched in 2008 through the World Class University Program in Korea and leads the world in the field of all R2R gravure printed TFT-based flexible electronic devices such as tactile sensor arrays, NFC sensor tags, and signage.
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