The Windows 3D Print Pipeline (3D Printing LIVE! USA 2013)

Dr Emmett Lalish, Mechanical Engineer
Microsoft Startup Business Group
United States
Nov 21, 2013.

Speaker Biography (Emmett Lalish)

Emmett is an aerospace engineer, whose hobby for the last few years has been 3D printing and design ( A couple months ago his hobby became his career when he joined Microsoft's 3D printing team in the Startup Business Group. Now he works to make 3D printing faster, easier and more accurate for the consumer market. His previous career stemmed from his doctorate in control theory and involved designing unmanned vehicles at a small company for DARPA.

Company Profile (Microsoft Startup Business Group)

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The Startup Business Group worked in close collaboration with the Windows development team to deliver the 3D print pipeline, architecture and APIs that are now available in Windows 8.1. SBG is focused on identifying, incubating and productizing breakthrough technologies that create new business opportunities for Microsoft. SBG works closely with the big business groups within Microsoft to deliver value to customers.
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