Tiny Solid State Lithium Microbatteries For Medical Devices

Mr Martin Gallezot, Business Development Manager


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Speaker Biography (Martin Gallezot)

Martin Gallezot graduated from Ecole Supérieure d'Electricité, Paris, France in 1993 with a Msc in Electrical Engineering. He is responsible for technology transfer in the Component Division at CEA-LETI. Before that he held several business positions in semiconductor IP companies operating in the cybersecurity, high speed interconnect and flat panel display industries.

Company Profile (CEA)

Cea Tech is a Research & Technology Organization with operations in France. Our laboratories carry out Research & Development programs for industrial partners through three research institutes specialized in different fields. Leti is a world leader in semiconductor research and miniaturization technologies. Liten is specialized in New Technologies for Energy from material science to system integration (Solar, Batteries, Hydrogen) and List focuses on complex system engineering (Sensors and data analytics, Software Engineering and Robotics and HMI). Cea Tech provides its partners with a unique access to advanced prototyping platforms whose equipment and tools cope with industry standards. Cea Tech total budget is in the 500 M€ range with a total staff of more than 4500 people.
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