Forecast WIoT On The Fashion Industry (Wearable Europe 2019)

Tomya Mateo, Founder

Presentation Summary

Relation of WioT's Forecast with customer's purchase motivations. Inclination to the Fashion Industry and presentation of Jules I.

Speaker Biography (Tomya Mateo)

Designer, interest in tech applied to design (wearables/e-garments). Philosophy student. Worked for: Zalando (Zlabels), Sahinler Group (Santex) & Lustre Life

Company Profile (Hominems)

Hominems logo
Hominems is a platform that sells a range of independent, wearable electronics and smart garments. Hominems also produces its own products. We support improved fashion items with innovative nano-technologies. Our goal is to centralize this market.
We participated at YCSUS2018 and are currently residents at Hubraum for developing new smart prototypes, like a smart shoe exploring connectivity and resilient to external conditions. Our solutions?
1. B2B entry point for start-ups and companies producing Wearable Electronics. We provide them a B2B2C platform for entry into this new market.
2. Technological Improvement of everyday clothing.
3. Centralization of the wearable market.
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