Use of Multispeed Transmissions for Electric Vehicles (Electric Vehicles Land, Sea & Air Europe 2011)

Mr David Paul, Business Development Manager
Jun 29, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • Antonov 3-speed automatic transmission has been designed specifically for electric vehicles
  • It maintains the electric motor at its most efficient operating speed, delivering better than 90% efficiency for most of the time, rather than spending prolonged periods at 60-70% efficiency
  • Vehicle range is extended and performance significantly improved
  • Transmission was commissioned initially as a UK Technology Strategy Board project with Antonov as the lead partner supported by Jaguar and MIRA
  • Applications now under development include a public transport vehicle, a high performance sports car and a light commercial vehicle

Speaker Biography (David Paul)

After graduating from Loughborough University, David joined Jaguar Cars Ltd as a powertrain engineer in 1985 and became a key member of their advanced engineering team that developed the first Jaguar V8 engine (AJV8). This was followed by a long career with Magna International which culminated in the position of Sales Director for engine, transmission and AWD products. David commenced his current role with Antonov Automotive Technologies in 2008, overseeing their Business Development activities for transmission engineering. It was David's vision that resulted in Antonov's development of multi-speed transmissions for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles.

Company Profile (Antonov Plc)

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Antonov Plc specialises in the development and marketing of innovative transmissions from concept through to production, primarily for the automotive market. Antonov holds a substantial and growing intellectual property portfolio and constantly strives to expand the commercial opportunities for its various technologies. Antonov's core products are a 6-speed 'TX6' automatic transmission, a 3-speed power-shift transmission for electric vehicles and a small 2-speed automatic gearbox for engine driven accessories. TX6 is a 6-speed electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated, transverse automatic gearbox for small and medium sized passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. This has been engineered and developed in the UK and is now entering the final production phase. TX6 will be manufactured in China and first introduced to the market in 2011. The 3-speed power shift transmission has been developed uniquely for electric vehicles and is optimised for efficiency, package space and shift quality. It can be configured for all electric vehicle applications including commercial vehicles, buses and passenger cars, both in longitudinal and transverse installations. The 3-speed transmission will be installed in two prototype vehicle programs in Q1, 2011, both with potential for serial production thereafter. The 2-speed automatic gearbox is designed to optimise the performance and efficiency of engine accessories such as alternators. It was first tested in a vehicle application in Q1, 2011. Antonov provides a technical consultancy service in transmission design, analysis, build, test, calibration and controls engineering. The ownership of patented transmission technology led to Antonov being listed on the Amsterdam Stock Exchange (Euronext) in 1997. Since then, Antonov has focused on the commercialisation of its intellectual property by investing in product development, research and continued innovation to bring products to market. Partners and clients include Chongqing Landai Industry Co., Ltd. in China, Hofer Powertrain in Germany and Magna Powertrain.
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