"Smart city" VS "Smart citizen": How Mobile Air Pollution Sensors Change Environmental Monitoring Methods (Sensors Europe 2020)

Vera Kozyr, CEO

Presentation Summary

Wearables with embedded air quality sensors may put forward the model of "smart citizens" where people will carry mobile sensors to generate data about their environment. Devices combined with IoT can serve the public interest in terms of environmental protection and public awareness in any urban setting.

Speaker Biography (Vera Kozyr)

Vera Kozyr is the co-founder and CEO of Atmotube and the design-house NotAnotherOne. She has 11 years of experience in product development for consumer electronic devices.
Vera started her career in Motorola Mobile Devices in the product technology management department. Later she was appointed as the product director of YotaPhone, the first smartphone with a second E-ink display. Design-house NotAnotherOne was founded in 2013 by Vera and her co-founder Igor Mikhnenko. In 2015, they launched their very own first product — Atmotube, the world's first wearable personal air quality monitor.

Company Profile (Atmotube)

Atmotube is the first independent project of the design-house NotAnotherOne.
NotAnotherOne was founded in 2013 and has offices in Saint Petersburg (Russia), San Francisco (USA) and Shenzhen (China).
It has two major areas of focus:
  • Industrial design and full-circle production services for IoT-devices, car electronic accessories, household appliances, etc.
  • The development of own products: Atmotube, the line of personal air quality monitors and anti-pollution masks, and Linza, a smart dashcam with voice assistance and cloud storage.
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