When Technology and Market Need Match (Printed Electronics and Photovoltaics USA 2011)

Mr Michael Londo, Director of Open Innovation
MWV Packaging
United States
Nov 30, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems that once helped reduce retail theft are now largely seen as ineffective and outdated technology. As retailers look for a more effective solution, we are seeing a market pull take place for new technology in this space. This presentation will discuss how new Electrical Smart Packaging systems are making waves and providing retailers and brand owners with the right solution right now.

Speaker Biography (Michael Londo)

Mike Londo has been in the paper and packaging industry for 26 years. He's worked for various companies from suppliers to producers. His expertise range includes, innovation, electronics, ink-jet printing, material processing, microencapsulation techniques and carbonless paper technology and production. He's spent six years as the technology manager for MWV's Smart Packaging platform. His current role for MWV is director of Open Innovation.

Company Profile (MWV Packaging)

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MWV is a global leader in packaging and packaging solutions with $6 billion in revenue. It has 20,000 employees worldwide and a presence in 30 countries. It has growth in emerging markets with over 40% of its sales outside North America. Seventy five percent of its revenue comes from its packaging business.
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