Where No Display Has Gone Before (Printed Electronics USA 2012)

Ms Jennifer Vail, Marketing Communications Manager
United States
Dec 06, 2012.


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Presentation Summary

* Designing for surfaces to make them smart.
* Going up against the largest competitor of them all - Printed Paper
* Thinking outside the rectangle so the display fits around the end product's design
* Creating new markets for electronic displays

Company Profile (E Ink Holdings)

E Ink Holdings logo
E Ink is the originator, and commercial leader in ePaper technology. E Ink was spun out of the MIT Media Labs as a startup in Cambridge MA in 2007 and its microencapsulated electrophoretic display technology is now the display of choice for eBook readers and electronic shelf labels, and in increasing use in wearables, signage and IoT. These displays are reflective, fully bistable, and capable of maintaining an image for years with no power. The flexible front planes are coated roll to roll kilometers at a time. Worldwide operations include R&D facilities in the US, Taiwan, and Japan and manufacturing in the US, Taiwan, and China.
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