Artificial Intelligence at the Edge: Evolving Homes and Factory Floors

From virtual assistants in smart speakers to on-the-fly photo editing in smartphones, artificial intelligence has found its way to the edge of the computing network via specific devices. The inclusion of AI into consumer electronics products has allowed for richer user experiences, with the types of added functionalities that are now seen as commonplace.
While the majority of revenue associated with the sale of semiconductor chips that support machine learning acceleration is taken by the data centre market - given that the training of AI algorithms is more computationally intensive than what is feasible at the edge, and that not all applications require cloud-disconnected inference - the edge remains the fastest growing computing environment for AI.
This webinar, filmed in September 2023, looks at the projected growth of AI at the edge, and how individual markets are to develop with increased AI adoption. In particular, close scrutiny is given to the ways in which AI is poised to transform the home and factory settings, as autonomy and interconnectivity increases across devices.
The webinar includes:
  • AI capabilities, and why these matter.
  • Market revenue forecasts for AI chips at the edge up to and including 2034.
  • Analyses relating to multiple key industry verticals, such as consumer electronics and automotive.
  • Discussion of trends within these industry verticals.
This webinar shares some of the research for the IDTechEx report, "AI Chips for Edge Applications 2024-2034: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge".