IDTechEx Release Advanced Li-ion Battery Technologies Market Report

IDTechEx Release Advanced Li-ion Battery Technologies Market Report
IDTechEx Research, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, announces the availability of a new report, "Advanced Li-ion Battery Technologies 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Forecasts".
The development of advanced and next-generation Li-ion technologies will be critical to a number of sectors, as well as for battery companies aiming to succeed or maintain their place in the market. This report provides comprehensive, up-to-date data and analysis on fast moving battery technology developments.
The global market for Li-ion battery cells alone is forecast to reach US$380 billion by 2034, driven primarily by demand for battery electric cars and vehicles. Improvements to battery performance and cost are required to ensure widespread deployment of electric vehicles and to enable longer runtime and functionality of electronic devices and tools, leading to strong competition in the development of next-generation Li-ion technologies, as explored in the report.
"Advanced Li-ion Battery Technologies 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Forecasts", provides in-depth analysis, trends and developments in advanced and next-generation Li-ion cell materials and designs, including silicon anodes, Li-metal anodes, cathode material and synthesis developments, and an introduction to solid-state batteries, amongst other areas of development.
Details of the key players and start-ups in each technology space are outlined and addressable markets and forecasts are provided for silicon, Li-metal, and cathode material shares.
This battery technologies market report provides the following information:
  • Introduction to Li-ion battery technologies.
  • Analysis of and appraisal advanced Li-ion technologies including: silicon anodes, lithium metal anodes, lithium titanate and niobates, high-manganese cathodes, ultra-high nickel NMC, LMFP.
  • Player coverage across anodes, cathodes and other cell developments (e.g. carbon nanotubes, electrolytes, electrode and cell structure, BMS).
  • Analysis of funding, activity, and commercialization into next-generation Li-ion technology development.
  • Discussion of markets and applications, battery demand forecasts, forecasts of anode and cathode splits.
The report Table of Contents includes:
  • Executive summary & conclusions
  • Introduction to Li-ion batteries
  • Developments and trends in cell technology and performance
  • Silicon anodes
  • Lithium-metal anodes
  • Next-generation Li-ion cathode developments
  • Introduction to solid-state batteries
  • Innovations in battery management systems
  • Li-ion cell performance trends
  • Cell design and inactive material developments and innovations
  • Forecasts by cathode
  • Forecasts by anode (GWh, US$B, kt)
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