Insight Forums Tokyo 2015 - Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage

Insight Forums Tokyo 2015 - Electric Vehicles and Energy Storage
IDTechEx will be back in Tokyo, Japan for their highly regarded series of Business Insight Forums. Taking place at the UDX Conference Center on 30 September, each expert-led Insight Forum will provide you with critical business intelligence and the latest insights into the following topics:
Electric Vehicles: Land, Water and Air; Hybrid and Pure Electric
Wednesday 30 September, morning session
World-renowned expert, Dr Peter Harrop, will lead this session as he covers key forecasts, players and infrastructure analysis opportunities for land, water and air electric vehicles. IDTechEx predicts that the market for hybrid and pure electric vehicles will rise from $147 billion in 2015 to $507 billion in 2025. This session will analyse detailed research covering 45 categories to reflect newly substantial sectors such as electric motorcycles, multi-rotor aircraft and fuel cell cars. We explain the radical changes in the last year such as orders for up to 2000 large pure electric buses at a time and pure electric car sales growing over 50% in 2014. Hear why construction, mining and agricultural electric vehicles are newly important but some other sectors are saturating.
In 2015, many profitable niches are emerging just as the largest major sectors are changing in importance. In addition, all components and parts of value chains are changing, with disruptive technologies such as supercapacitors, new types of batteries, energy harvesting, power electronics and structural electronics powering growth of a huge business. Read more about the class and see the detailed agenda at:
Energy Storage: Batteries, Supercapacitors, Lithium-ion Capacitors
Wednesday 30 September, afternoon session
This session is concerned with energy stored electrically, with particular emphasis on:
  • lithium-ion batteries
  • supercapacitors and hybrids between them variously known as supercabatteries
  • lithium-ion capacitors
Lead Analyst, Dr Peter Harrop will take a close look at the technologies, how they may improve over the coming ten years and what that makes possible in market growth. Will silicon anodes replace graphite and even the later titanium dioxide ones? Which cathodes are winning and what comes next? What are the costs of the battery parts and where is that going?
We will examine the uses and new options for serving them such as low power transparent, flexible, woven or even stretchable versions as needed for the new wearable electronics. Electric vehicles will become the largest market for lithium-ion batteries so IDTechEx looks at market penetration of over 45 categories of hybrid and pure electric vehicle by land, water and air. This is a level of detail only IDTechEx can provide. We look at how battery cost is becoming a smaller percentage of electric vehicle cost but still dominant and we forecast the improvement in parameters expected to 2025. We show which parameters are important in which applications. For example, safety and weight are crucial in the new electric aircraft.
The trends in the functional materials employed are examined closely to look for potential for companies making formulations and intermediate materials. For example, there is the trend from liquid electrolytes to gel then solid ones. There is the trend to replace toxic electrolytes such as acetonitrile and potentially expensive materials such as cobalt. We also look briefly at the new high-speed low-weight flywheels which have supercapacitor-like energy capture and release (power density) and may charge supercapacitors or batteries.
Finally, we report extensive work on structural electronics where the body of say a car will be a load-bearing supercapacitor or battery, potentially with 15% greater range and greater reliability and space as a result.
Read more about the class and see the detailed agenda at:
These forums will both address the business and technologies involved - providing significant market data to allow you to understand these complex landscapes. Attendees will leave with a clear, quantified view of the markets, technology assessment and development roadmaps, key player profiles and their strategy for market adoption, with lessons from success and failures.
As well as hosting these Insight Forums, we are also offering four exclusive sponsorship opportunities.
Please contact Corinne Jennings,, to find out how to get involved or to register for your Insight Forum place and take advantage of the 15% attendee discount (valid until Friday 14 August)
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