The Time for Long Duration Energy Storage is Coming

IDTechEx forecasts that by 2044, the Long Duration Energy Storage (LDES) market will be valued at US$223B.
As the penetration of variable renewable energy (VRE) sources increases in national electricity grids, so will the need to manage a greater fluctuating supply of energy over longer timeframes. This is where LDES technologies will be useful in dispatching energy over these longer timeframes when energy supply from these intermittent sources is not occurring.
Dozens of players are developing and commercializing LDES technologies, including alternative batteries to Li-ion, mechanical energy storage, thermal energy storage, and hydrogen storage. Billions of dollars have been invested into companies developing these technologies. Proposed lower capital costs of these technologies (on a $/kWh basis) will aim to be a key advantage compared to Li-ion, especially at a longer duration of storage. However, other factors such as round-trip efficiency, cycle-life / lifetime, and energy density, minimum economical system size per project and other considerations will influence the success and deployment volume of any one technology.
This webinar, presented by Technology Analyst Conrad Nichols, gives an overview of the upcoming long duration energy storage market, drawing upon research from IDTechEx's new report, "Long Duration Energy Storage Market 2024-2044: Technologies, Players, Forecasts" - visit to find out more, including downloadable sample pages.
This webinar covers:
  • Introduction to LDES; why and when LDES technologies will be needed to support growth of VRE penetration
  • Key countries and states expected to be earlier adopters of LDES technologies
  • LDES technology overview including funding, energy and power decoupling, introduction to technology benchmarking, and duration of storage of upcoming LDES projects
  • Overview of grid supply-side and demand-side flexibility
  • LDES market applications
  • Key customers that will benefit from LDES technologies
  • LDES revenue generation opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions
  • IDTechEx's outlook and conclusions