Webinar 22 July: Wearable Technology 2015-2025

Webinar 22 July: Wearable Technology 2015-2025
Webinar Title: Wearable Technology 2015-2025.
Date: Tuesday 22 July.
Presenter: Dr Peter Harrop, Chairman, IDTechEx.
Already there has been a first wave of conventional wearable technology, notably a big market for electronics on the ear and wrist. The second wave is just beginning. It consists of web-connected and advanced technology watches, glasses, headsets, smart skin patches, virtual reality headsets etc. A third wave is planned involving e-fibers in e-textiles.
This free webinar will cover some of the following research from our report Wearable Technology 2014-2024: Technologies, Markets, Forecasts:
  • Conventional electronic wearables such as wristwatches already a large market: lesson on what gets commoditised.
  • Why the new market is growing fast. Warning signs of excessive exuberance.
  • Opportunities for large and small businesses.
  • Results of IDTechEx assessment of 550 manufacturers.
  • Focus of work on e-fibers.
  • Forecasts for all wearable electronics. Best sectors.


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We will be hosting the same webinar twice in one day, please join which ever session is the most convenient for you.
Date: Tuesday 22 July
Duration: 30 minutes plus 10 minutes for Q&A
Webinar #1 - Europe and Asia-Pacific
9:30am (BST/WEST) London, Lisbon
10:30am (CEST) Berlin, Amsterdam, Rome
11:30am (EEST) Athens, Jerusalem
12:30pm (MSD) Moscow
3:30pm (GMT+7) Bangkok
4:30pm (GMT+8) Singapore, Taipei
5:30pm (GMT+9) Tokyo, Seoul
6:30pm (GMT+10) Canberra
Webinar #2 - Americas
9:00am Pacific Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
10:00am Mountain Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
11:00am Central Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
12:00pm Eastern Daylight Time (USA & Canada)
5:00pm (BST/WEST) London, Lisbon