Research Articles

by Dr Nadia Tsao

05 May 2020

Flexible Electronics Are the Future in Wearable Health Monitoring

While traditional electronic systems have an inherently rigid form factor, developments in manufacturing processes and materials are enabling a new world of flexible electronics. IDTechEx forecasts the market for healthcare products containing flexible electronics to be worth over $8.3 billion by the year 2030.
24 Apr 2020

Telehealth Rises to the Challenge During the COVID-19 Crisis

Telehealth has been poised to disrupt healthcare for many years, but unfortunately has faced a slow rise in adoption. This has changed in the COVID-19 crisis.
03 Apr 2020

AI: State-Of-The-Art and Commercialisation Status in Diagnostics

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing medical diagnostics. This is a ground-breaking development with far-reaching consequences. Naturally, many innovators are scrambling to capitalize on these advancements.
06 Mar 2020

Point-of-Care Diagnostics learn more at Healthcare Sensor Innovations

Attendees of Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020 will hear from industry representatives on how advanced sensors, sensor fusion, algorithms, analytics and artificial intelligence can enable point-of-care testing and the movement towards the decentralization of healthcare.
06 Mar 2020

Technologies for the Future of Healthcare

IDTechEx identifies top future technologies in healthcare. With demographic changes such as the aging of the population, they forecast there to be strong growth in technologies that help healthcare providers manage the growing burden on the healthcare system while maintaining high quality care.
26 Feb 2020

Wearables Pivot to Healthcare, Printed Electronics Wins

Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2020, hosted in San Jose on March 17-18, identifies and assesses the opportunities for printed and flexible electronics in healthcare as the technology enables a new wave of medical wearable devices.
North America (USA + Canada)
24 Feb 2020

Enabling Point of Care Diagnostics and Continuous Monitoring

Healthcare Sensor Innovations North America debut on Marc, 17-18, 2020 in San Jose, USA will focus on the latest developments in the use of wearables and sensors in point of care diagnostics and continuous monitoring.
United States
14 Feb 2020

Wearables for Continuous Health Monitoring

Attendees at Healthcare Sensor Innovations USA 2020 will hear from industry representatives on how the next wave of connected and wearable medical devices will bring increased benefits to patients, healthcare providers, insurers, and the pharmaceutical industry.
18 Nov 2019

Application of Emerging Healthcare Technologies at the IDTechEx Show!

Held over 20 - 21 November 2019 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, USA, the latest edition of the IDTechEx Show! will once again feature the application of emerging technologies to the healthcare industry.
18 Oct 2019

5 Key Lessons from Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019

IDTechEx Analysts Share 5 Key Lessons from Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019. Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019 was a conference and table-top exhibition organized by IDTechEx, a market intelligence and events company. The event was held over 25-26 September 2019 in Cambridge, United Kingdom and attracted over 185 delegates from over 23 countries. Forty speakers from the healthcare, electronics, and materials industries shared their progress in wearables and sensors for point-of-care diagnostics and continuous monitoring. IDTechEx technology analysts Dr Nadia Tsao and Dr Ivan De Backer explore the technology developments and market trends presented at Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019.
04 Oct 2019

Healthcare Developments at IDTechEx Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019

Healthcare Sensor Innovations, a brand-new event hosted by IDTechEx, opened to a packed audience in Cambridge, UK, last week. The event focused on the use of wearables and sensors in enabling the point-of-care diagnostics and continuous monitoring of individuals for health and wellness.
24 Sep 2019

Healthcare Meets Electronics: Event Assesses the Opportunities

Registrations for the inaugural Healthcare Sensors Innovation event in Cambridge on 25-26 September is exceeding all expectations and nears venue capacity. The event is successfully bringing together the linchpins of the healthcare industry with the electronics industry to explore the opportunity in two specific areas: point of care diagnostics and continuous monitoring.