Research Articles

by Lucy Rogers

21 Mar 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Second-Life Electric Vehicle Batteries

Thursday 6 April 2023 - What Are the Latest Market Developments? This webinar will cover: Li-ion battery circular economy and second-life EV battery value chain; Regulatory landscape overview; Introduction to technology trends, remanufacturing considerations, and market barriers; Overview of battery testing and modeling approaches; Key repurposing player activity
08 Mar 2023

Upcoming Webinar - Wide Bandgap Power Electronics: The New EV Battery

Thursday 30 March 2023 - Based off the new IDTechEx report, this webinar will cover; Benchmarking of SiC versus GaN and future developments, Materials evolution for power packages and industry pain points, Market demand for SiC and opportunities for GaN, and a market outlook for EV power electronics broken down by voltage
06 Mar 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar: The Future of Blue Hydrogen Production

Thursday 23 March 2023 - Developments, Prospect & Challenges. The webinar will cover; Motivation for low-carbon and blue hydrogen production, Overview of blue hydrogen production technologies, Outline of key players, trends, and innovations in technologies, Outlook on blue hydrogen, and Drivers & challenges for the industry
01 Mar 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on the Automotive Semiconductor Supply Chain

Thursday 16 March - This webinar will; Explain the main areas which rely on semiconductor technologies in modern vehicles; Discuss how automation and electrification trends will impact semiconductor demand; Show the current capabilities of automotive tier 2 companies; and Examine how the supply chain is shifting to accommodate more high-performance computing in vehicles
28 Feb 2023

Join Our Webinar on Thermal Management Opportunities

Wednesday 15 March 2023 - Thermal Management Opportunities in Emerging Technology Markets. Key takeaways from the webinar; Electric vehicles (thermal management and fire protection); ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems); 5G infrastructure; Data centers; Consumer electronics; Combined EMI shielding and TIM options
22 Feb 2023

Webinar: The Key Factors to the Successful Commercialization of SSB

Thursday 2 March 2023 - Key takeaways from the webinar: Solid-state battery landscape; Solid-state battery development; Controversial opinions on solid-state batteries and corresponding analysis; Important factors for solid-state battery commercialization; Targeting market
15 Feb 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar: A New Dawn for Green Hydrogen?

Thursday 9 March 2023 - An Introduction to the Green Hydrogen and Electrolyzer Market. The webinar will: Discuss the drivers behind green hydrogen demand; Provide an introduction to electrolyzer technologies, innovations and trends; Outline the key challenges to adoption and Provide an introduction into the electrolyzer market landscape
08 Feb 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on In-Mold Electronics

Thursday 23 February 2023 - Opportunities for Integrated Functionality. In this webinar Dr Matthew Dyson, a Principal Technology Analyst at IDTechEx, will discuss the following topics: - The status of IME and competing approaches for creating functional and decorative interfaces across multiple application sectors. - The challenges and benefits associated with functionality integration, and how the value proposition of IME is likely to grow over time. - IME specific material requirements, especially for conductive inks. - A roadmap for IME adoption, segmented by industry.
07 Feb 2023

Upcoming Webinar: Emerging Image Sensors: Technology & Market

Thursday 16 February 2023 - During the webinar, Dr. Isabel Al-Dhahir will discuss: The motivation and applications for emerging image sensors, which span autonomous vehicles, drones, industrial quality control, and more; The current technological and commercial status of the emerging SWIR imaging technologies competing to replace InGaAs; Discussion of event-based vision and hyperspectral imaging; and Identification of market challenges
02 Feb 2023

Webinar - Additive Electronics Manufacturing: Innovations & Prospects

Friday 10 February 2023 - Status and prospects of competing analogue and digital manufacturing methods for printed electronics; Technical discussion of emerging digital manufacturing methodologies; Evaluation of the benefits and challenges of adopting high throughput R2R manufacturing; and Innovations in component placement and attachment that will facilitate manufacturing of FHE.
01 Feb 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on the Micro EVs Revolution

Thursday 9 February 2023 - Shaking Up Urban Transport Worldwide. The following aspects will be discussed in greater depth: Drivers behind uptake of Micro EVs; Electric two-wheelers: major markets, players, and benchmarking; Electric three-wheelers: major markets, players, and benchmarking; Microcar characteristics; and Battery chemistry trends
31 Jan 2023

Join Our Upcoming Webinar on Opportunities for Photonic Chips

Wednesday 8 February 2023 - Technological Developments and Applications. Contents that will be covered in this webinar include: An overview of PIC technology; Drivers of increased data demands from data centres; PIC trends in the communications industry; and PIC adoption in other markets