Future Mobility - Electric Vehicles Land Sea Air

Electrification is global, and electrification is everywhere in mobility. A decade ago, IDTechEx's 2011 report 'bullishly' predicted 1.5 million battery electric car sales by 2021, an underestimate by over half. What's more, the sheer volumes of the auto market are grinding down costs, accelerating technology innovation and ultimately enabling electrification in virtually every mobility sector. On the waterways, electric ferry deliveries have boomed because of falling battery costs, improved energy densities and thermal management innovations. Similar drivers are pushing forward investment into electric air-taxis, with American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, United Airlines, UPS, and Avolon, having all placed pre-orders. Electrification is not so much unstoppable as inevitable and will continue to act as the default solution for mobility sectors decarbonising this century.

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A Future Mobility Research Subscription includes access to all of IDTechEx's Electric Vehicles data and analysis on topics including:

  • Electric Car Sales, Models and Technologies
  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles
  • Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles
  • Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles
  • Long Range Battery Electric Cars
  • Robot Shuttles
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Manned Electric Aircraft
  • Air-Taxis (eVTOL Aircraft)
  • Solar Vehicles
  • Geographical Analysis of Electric Vehicles e.g. EVs in India and China
  • Electric Two-wheelers
  • Hight Voltage Hybrid Cars, Buses and Trucks
  • Electric Trucks
  • Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Light Commerical Vehicles
  • Electric, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Buses
  • Electric School Buses and Midi Buses
  • Electric Leisure & Sea-going Boats and Ships
  • 48V Full Hybrid, 48V Mild Hyrbid and 48V BEV Cars
  • Advanced Electric Cars
  • Electric Vehicles and Robotics in Agriculture
  • Electric Vehicles in Construction, Agriculture and Mining
  • Mining Electrification
  • Advanced Electric Cars
  • Energy Independent Electric Vehicles and more...

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