Future Mobility - Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Range sells electric vehicles and increasing battery capacity is expensive. Powertrain efficiency is the name of the game for product differentiation. There are many avenues to improving efficiency, especially within the drivetrain, with one of the key areas being power electronics and another being electric traction motors. IDTechEx expects these components to advance rapidly over the coming decade.

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A Future Mobility Research Subscription includes access to all of IDTechEx's Componentry data and analysis on topics including:

  • Electric Motors for Electric Vehicles
  • Power Electronics for Electric Vehicles
  • Long Range Battery Electric Cars
  • Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets
  • Zero-Emission Electric Vehicle Charging
  • Electric Vehicle Motor Manufacturers and Developers
  • Die Attach Materials for Power Electronics in Electric Vehicles
  • Haptics
  • Printed and Flexible Electronics for Automotives
  • In-Mold Electronics
  • Automotive Radar
  • LiDAR and more...

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