Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)

Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)

The ALABC was formed in 1992 as a result of the USABC deciding not to invest in lead-acid technology. Its members are lead producers, other suppliers to the lead battery industry and battery companies themselves.
After some initial work on improving valve-regulated battery designs in deep discharge applications, work has concentrated on batteries operating in partial state-of-charge as typically experienced in stop/start and hybrid applications. As a result of the discovery that addition of certain types of carbon to the negative plate inhibited sulphation during operation, battery life in vehicles in excess of 150,000 miles has been demonstrated.
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Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC)
28 Feb 2019

Consortium promises 'big leap' in performance for energy storage tech

A global battery consortium charged with advancing lead battery technology has re-launched as it prepares to unveil a raft of new research designed to take the technology to the next level.
19 Sep 2016

Regenerative energy harvesting in 48V mild hybrids

The huge market opening up for 48V cars and commercial vehicles will involve much more effective regenerative braking generating tens of kilowatts and probably a turbine in the exhaust as well, generating one kilowatt or so in a small commercial vehicle.
13 Sep 2016

Europe pulls ahead in 48V mild hybrid cars

Mild hybrid cars at 48V will first hit global markets in a big way in 2017.
30 Jun 2016

Affordable advanced 48V ADEPT hybrid

Following almost three years of intensive testing, development and validation of advanced mild hybrid technologies with 48V 'intelligent electrification' applied to a Ford Focus project demonstrator, the ADEPT (advanced diesel-electric powertrain) consortium partners have announced that the project is on course to meet the stringent air quality and ultra-low emission requirements expected of near term next generation vehicles.
11 May 2016

Project Fever to develop 48V through-the-road hybrid vehicle tech

Controlled Power Technologies has partnered with Ricardo, Tata Motors European Technical Centre and Provector, to apply its low voltage electric motor technology to the rear driveline of a B-segment city car.
20 Jan 2016

Meeting with ALABC/ILA London 13 Jan 2016

The International Lead Association (ILA) now runs the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Corporation (ALABC) and it is repositioning it to basic research at the request of its members.
28 Apr 2015

Cost-Effective Low Voltage Vehicle Hybridisation using Advanced Lead Carbon Batteries.

Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium, United Kingdom
4 Sep 2014

What's in store? The future of batteries to be revealed

A current major topic of conversation within the advanced battery and electric vehicle industry is the future of battery technology and chemistries in the context of energy density, safety and cost.
7 Jun 2013

ALABC UltraBattery hybrid surpasses 100,000 miles of fleet duty

Three years ago, the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) was asked to demonstrate the durability of lead-carbon batteries in the high-rate, partial state-of-charge operation of a hybrid electric vehicle.
26 Sep 2011

Modular 'micro-mild' hybrid technology - reducing CO2 emissions

Incremental manufacturing cost is €50-60 for every 1 per cent reduction in CO2 emissions compared with the €200-500 per cent typical for full hybrids. Further value enhancements are possible if the automotive industry were to standardise around the proposed 48 volt power networks developing in Europe.