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ams is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced sensor solutions. The company's mission is to shape the world with sensor solutions by providing a seamless interface between humans and technology. ams' high-performance sensor solutions drive applications requiring extreme precision, dynamic range, sensitivity, and ultra-low power consumption. Products include sensors, sensor interfaces, power management and wireless ICs for consumer, communications, industrial, medical, and automotive markets. More information about ams can be found at
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ams AG
30 Jun 2020


BioConsortia is an agri-tech company developing microbial plant treatments that enhance plant phenotypes and increase crop yields in a sustainable manner. Agricultural products based on the plant microbiome have been gaining traction in recent years as the world looks to overcome its dependence on environmentally damaging synthetic agrochemicals.
18 Jun 2020

Aqua Metrology Systems

AMS specialises in sensors which detect a range of contaminants in wastewater, both in municipal and industrial applications.
4 May 2020


9 Jan 2020

Collaboration on Multiscale Simulation for OLEDs

Simbeyond​ and S​oftware for Chemistry & Materials​ announce their collaboration on ​Multiscale simulation for Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs): from molecule to device.​
5 Sep 2019

Fleet of autonomous boats can now shapeshift

MIT's fleet of robotic boats has been updated with new capabilities to "shapeshift," by autonomously disconnecting and reassembling into a variety of configurations, to form floating structures in Amsterdam's many canals.
25 Jul 2019


ibeo Automotive Systems offer lidar modules.
17 Jul 2019

Laser diodes: How smartphones and self-driving cars see the world

Tiny infrared lasers offer 3D sensing functionality for consumer electronics like smartphones and robots like self-driving cars. In this article, the technology consulting firm IDTechEx demonstrate how advances in laser technology and decreases in laser price enable novel applications in optical sensing.
11 Jun 2019

Fleet of "roboats" could collect garbage

The city of Amsterdam envisions a future where fleets of autonomous boats cruise its many canals to transport goods and people, collect trash, or self-assemble into floating stages and bridges.
16 Apr 2019

ams AG

ams AG are a sensing products manufacturer.
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12 Sep 2018


Tongtai is an equipment manufacturer based in Taiwan. IDTechEx analyst Nadia Tsao stopped by the Tongtai booth at the Taiwan International 3D Printing Show 2018.
6 Aug 2018

C2Sense, Inc.

11 Mar 2018

Materion AMC

Materion Aerospace Metal Composites (AMC) are leading manufacturers of metal matrix composites. IDTechEx analyst Dr Richard Collins interviewed Andrew Tarrant (Director).
27 Feb 2018

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC): finally reaching the top of wish lists

Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) have been known and explored for a very long time, but new innovations and an increased demand for high-performance lightweight materials means that they are finally ready to make it beyond their previous false starts.
11 May 2017

Environmental Sensing In Consumer Applications

AMS, United Kingdom
20 Apr 2017

Retina Implant AG

In this profile Alexis Karandrea interviews Juergen Klein discussing the company's subretinal implant technology.
3 Apr 2017

Bioengineering a better eye: the advent of artificial retinas

Retinitis pigmentosa and macular degeneration are two forms of blindness that affect cumulatively over 10 million people in the Unites States.
23 Jan 2017

CES2017: Air quality has become a big theme

Every year at CES you are guaranteed to see the latest TVs and gadgets for your home. The 2017 edition was no exception, with the expected emphasis on virtual reality, high dynamic range displays, and voice controlled assistants.
10 Jan 2017

CES 2017- Day 2, January 6th, 2017

Day 2 of CES was dedicated to start ups and new companies doing interesting things.
2 Dec 2016

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS)

16 Nov 2016

Sensors For The Internet Of Awareness - Leading The Transformation From IOT To IOA

AMS, United States